Pegs - Front - Honda 8mm - GP

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Our "GP" Pegs are CNC Machined for a great fit, using quality materials to support your weight safely.  Anodized for a durable finish. GP Pegs are able to be adjusted and then locked in place using the hidden Set Screw. This way you can position the footing for maximum grip and comfort.
Our Pegs are designed to fit your Motorcycle without any major modification required.

Material: 6065 Billet Aluminum
Finish: Anodized

GROM 125 MSX 14-19
CBR 250R 11-13
CBR 300R 15-19
CBR 500R 13-19
CBR 600F 87-90
CBR 600 F2 91-94
CBR 600 F3 95-98
CBR 600 F4 F4i 99-06
CBR 600RR 03-06
CBR 900RR 93-99
CBR 929RR 00-01
CBR 1000RR 94-19
CBR 1000F Hurricane 87-96
CBR 1100xx Super Blackbird 96-07
CB 50R 2004
CB 300F 16-18
CB 500F 13-18
CB 919 900F 02-07
CB 1000 94-95 11-19
CB 1100 13-17
RVT 1000R RC51 SP1 SP2 00-06
RVF 750R 94-95
VFR 750F Interceptor 90-97
VFR 800 Interceptor 98-09
VFR 1200 Interceptor 16-17
VTR 1000F Super Hawk 98-05
NSR 50R 2004
NSF 100 2006

Install Notes:
This item is usually very easy to install. Most motorcycles have a pin/bolt that holds on the Foot Pegs. Simply remove this bolt and install our pegs using the same mounting hardware. We suggest Tightening the pegs with Threadlocker, to ensure that they do not unscrew while riding.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
50635-MBW-000, 50645-MBW-000, 50635-MBW-305, 50645-MBW-305, 50612-MM5-000, 50642-MM5-000, 50612-KYJ-305, 50642-KYJ-305, 50631-KT7-760, 50641-KT7-760, 50612-MGZ-305, 50642-MGZ-305, 50660-MEE-000, 50665-MEE-000, 50660-MCF-000, 50665-MCF-000, 50660-KV3-700, 50670-KV3-700, 50642-KYJ-305, 50612-KYJ-305