Sock - Reservior Honda Wing 1x Small 1x Large Black

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Give your bike that custom touch by adding Logo Embroidered Reservoir Socks. Our High Quality Bands feature the logo directly embroidered onto the Sock for a clean look. Reservoir Tank covers are also double thick for a soft, plush finish.

Set of Two - 1 large and 1 small
Dimensions: Varied as both sizes stretch and accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. Large- fits most diameters approximately 50mm - 90mm diameter (2 in - 3 1/2 in) (larger Reservoirs) Small- fits most diameters approximately 35mm -75mm (1 3/8 in - 3 in) (smaller Reservoirs)
Material: Terry Cotton with Stiched Logo (no iron-on)

Can also be used as a regular Sweat Band around your wrist or as a trendy accessory to show off your passion for the sport.

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