Bolts - Fairing Patch Kit - 6 Links

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Fairings or Plastics cracked on your favorite powersport vehicle? Don't use flimsy zip ties, they don't support your fairing; allowing it to still move around while riding. Our metal support braces screw into the plastics and provide the structural support to get you safely back on the road and help prevent the cowls and covers from cracking more until you are able to replace them. Our repair kit is a great, sturdy option for a fast fix; saving you money and allowing you to still get back out and ride.

Multiple, please see photos
Material: Black Metal Set Includes: 6 Connecting Links and 12 Screws

Multi-Use - Our Fairing Repair Kit can be used on any powersports vehicle that have plastic or fiberglass fairings fenders, or windscreens on them. This includes Sportbikes, ATV / Quad's, UTV, MX / Dirt Bikes, Cruisers, Golf Carts, Snowmobiles, and also automobile applications.

Install Notes:
Place a Connecting Link across (perpendicular) to the crack and pre-mark the holes for the screws (We recommend using an epoxy to hold the pieces together; plus it provides an even more secure fix). Drill pilot holes at the marked locations (Drill Bit size = 2mm or 1/16 in). Place the Connecting Link back onto plastics and align the pilot holes with the Connecting Link holes. Now attach the Connecting Link to the fairing with one of the provided screws; repeat for the second screw. For larger cracks, space out the Connecting Links and repeat the process to safely secure your plastics back together.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)