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Our Quick Release Fairing Fastener Kit will save you time removing, adjust, and reinstalling your fairing. Fasteners are precision machined, featuring a high quality finish that surpasses our Competition and OEM fasteners in fit and finish. Parts are compartmentalized to prevent shifting and damage like in bulk bag shipments. Clear Nylon Washer helps protect plastics from fastener head scratches and the Lock Washer holds the Quick Release Bolt to the fairing to prevent loss. Please review our Install notes and schematics to ensure compatibility with your envisioned application. This fits every bike somewhere, make sure it fits where you want it before you purchase.

Please see photos for details to ensure it works for your application.
Material: Steel, Zinc Plated for a Durable Corrosion Resistant finish.
Set Includes: 10 Steel Fastener Pins, 10 Silver Steel Clip Fasteners, 10 Silver Metal Lock Washers and 10 Clear Plastic Washers

Our 15mm Quick Release Fairing Fastener Kit can be used on any powersports vehicle that has a plastic/fiberglass Fairing, Fenders, or Wind screens. Including: Sportbikes, ATV / Quad's, UTV, MX / Dirt Bikes, Cruisers, Golf Carts, Snowmobiles, and also automobile applications.

Install Notes:
Install Notes: Please do a precheck of your intended replacement area bolts to ensure you are buying the correct size. To install Quick Release Fairing Fastener Kit, remove any of the fairing bolts that you want to replace and again compare their length to the quick release fasteners. Your precheck should prevents installing and damaging fasteners if your intending to return/exchange for a different length. Attach all clip fasteners to the mounting points. Take the clear plastic washer and put it on the fastener pin first. (This helps protect your fairing while turning the fastener pin). Install the Fastener pin through your fairing and put the lock washer on the pin while inside of the fairing. Now you can place the fairing up to your vehicle and twist the fastener pins to lock them in place. If you need to install in a recessed location or the fairing, simply remove the metal D-Ring portion and install using a flathead screw driver or coin. Now get out there and have fun!

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)