Bolts - Windscreen - M5 M6 M8 - 30 Pack

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Stylish Spike replacement bolts for universal applications like Windscreens or Fairing plastics. CNC Precision machined aluminum Spikes can be used to replace OEM fasteners or in place of those unreliable plastic/nylon Push Rivets (they usually end up breaking when removing).

1 Kit = (30) Spike Bolts [10x 5mm / 10x 6mm / 10x 8mm Spike Bolts], (10) 5mm Wellnuts, (30) Washers
Dimensions: Multiple, Please see photos for details to ensure it works for your application.
Spikes: Anodized Aluminum, CNC Machined
Wellnuts: Rubber, Internal Brass Nut (used for 5mm Bolts) Washers: Nylon
Thread Pitch: 1.25