Brake - Lever Lock Handbrake

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The LB Brake Lever Lock is designed to engage the brake system by holding the brake lever in. Whether you park on an incline, have it up on a stand, or you're transporting your motorcycle, you'll feel better knowing the brake is on to limit the bikes rolling movement. Simply connect the LB Brake Lever Lock to your front brake lever and pull back sliding it onto the HandleBar Hand Grip.

Material: Plastic
NOTE: Can be used on OEM and Aftermarket Levers (Standard and Shorty Lengths). You may have to use your lever adjusters to increase the distance between the grip and lever to get the correct pressure when you pull back on the brake to engage the brake system.

Fits all Motorcycles, Scooters & ATV's with standard 3/4 Inch Handlebars.

Install Notes:
Engage Brake and slide Lever Lock Handbrake in place.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)