Lever Guard - CNC Metal Black

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These Lever Guards are designed to adhere to many track and organizational safety regulations. For Racers - Lever Guards are designed to help avoid accidental brake lever contact that results in locking up the front brake if you bump into another rider or object. Street Riders - it can be a good safety addition against bumping into car mirrors or other road hazards. Additionally, it helps provide protection for both riders from hand injuries during a slide out crash. Designed to fit up to a 7/8 inch (22mm) outer diameter hollow handlebars. Metal mounts are for smaller diameter bars and the rubber compression mounts are for your larger diameter bars.

Set = 2 Lever Guards (1x Brake Lever Guard/Mount and 1x Clutch Lever Guard/Mount) 1 Pair Alternate Rubber Compression Mounts
Dimensions: Multiple, please sees picture(s) for approx measurements
Adjustable Length: Approx 6 1/8 to 6 3/4 Adjustable Angle: Approx 10 degrees of adjustment to accommodate different lever types
Base Mounts: Black Anodized CNC Aluminum Fits 15mm - 18mm / Rubber Compression Spacer Fits 17.60mm - 22mm
Guards: Black Anodized CNC Aluminum

All OEM and Aftermarket Motorcycle 7/8” (22mm) Diameter Hollow Handle Bars

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