Lever Guard - CNC Plastic

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These Lever Guards are designed to adhere to many track and organizational safety regulations. For Racers - Lever Guards are designed to help avoid accidental brake lever contact that results in locking up the front brake if you bump into another rider or object. Street Riders - it can be a good safety addition against bumping into car mirrors or other road hazards. Additionally, it helps provide protection for both riders from hand injuries during a slide out crash. Designed to fit up to a 7/8 inch (22mm) outer diameter hollow handlebars. Metal mounts are for smaller diameter bars and the rubber compression mounts are for your larger diameter bars. Comes with an additional pair of replacement plastic lever guards.

Set = 2 Lever Guards (1x Brake Lever Guard/Mount and 1x Clutch Lever Guard/Mount) 1 extra pair of Plastic Guards 1 pair Rubber Compression Mounts
Dimensions: Multiple, please sees picture(s) for approx measurements
Adjustable Length: Approx 6 1/8 to 7 1/8
Adjustable Angle: Approx 10 degrees of adjustment to accommodate different lever types
Base Mounts: Anodized CNC Aluminum Fits 15mm - 18mm / Rubber Compression Spacer Fits 17.6mm - 22mm
Guards: Black ABS Plastic

All OEM and Aftermarket Motorcycle 7/8” (22mm) Diameter Hollow Handle Bars

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