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Flexible LED strip Running Lights are a dual color system that mounts directly into the center channel of your Can-Am's front fenders. Our LED strips add a fantastic presence to your Spyder at night or while traveling during inclement weather. Requires drilling through the fender plastic and splicing (tapping) into the front fender running light for intended installation.

Dimensions: Approx Length 27 inches x Width 5/16 inch
Rated Input Voltage: 12 Volt DC Systems
LED's: 42 SMD 3528
Backing: Gray, 3M Adhesive Double-Sided Tape

BRP Can Am Spyder Standard Spyders with the Channeled Front Fenders
08-09 GS 990 Roadster SE5 / SM5
08-15 RS SE5 / SM5
08-15 ST SE5 / SM5
10-15 RT SE5 / SM5
11-12 RT Ltd
2010 RTS SE5 / SM5
2013 RTS SE5 / SM5
2015 F3 SE6 / SM6

Install Notes:
Install Notes: Click HERE to view, print, or download the complete Intallation Instructions. These are NOT direct replacement parts. All LED Strips are tested prior to being shipped. Always test the lights before installation to ensure they work properly. Use a FULLY charged Battery or a running motorcycle to perform the test. Test them by touching the strips Red Wire to Positive 12V source and then attaching Black Wire to Negative Ground source. You should see the light turn on. Repeat for additional lights. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting any electrical installations. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your individual skill level. Wheel and Fender removal, as well as wire tapping / slicing required for proper installation. Read before applying strips for a higher chance of success. Ambient Temperature, Application Area and LED Strips must be at least 70°F (24°C). You may use a hair dryer to warm strips and fender area, to assist t

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)