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Our universal RF Dimmer Controller Module allows you to control the brightness of conventional bulbs and most LED's.  It features 8 Preset modes for dimming, flashing and fading, and control over the speed.
Remote and Controller are paired on a 433.92MHz frequency. The Radio Frequency (RF) remote can dim most 5~24VDC LED products from 15% to 100%, using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM - technique enables use on LED's and conventional modes).

Wire Length: Approximately - 3 3/4 inches each wire per side
Rated Input Voltage: 5-24 Volt DC Systems
Range: Approximately 30 ft in open air
Remote Button Controls/Actions:
POWER/STANDBY: turns the controller ON or switches it to standby mode. When power is turned on the LEDs will restore to the previously selected mode before you powered it off.
LIGHT: switches from Dynamic Mode to Static Mode (Pulse/Flash/Strobe LED modes to steady LED's on).
BRIGHT(+) / BRIGHT(-) : adjusts the brightness intensity, higher or lower (brighter or dimmer).
100% / 50% / 25% : switches light brightness to 100% or 50% or 25% of the maximum intensity.
MODE(+) / MODE(-) : switches from Static Mode to Dynamic Mode (steady LED's on and switch to Pulse/Flash/Strobe LED modes). Pressing the Mode buttons cycles through the 8 different presets.
SPEED(+) / SPEED(-) : adjusts the Dynamic Mode lighting speed (making the preset modes flash faster or slower).

This is a universal product; therefore, has multiple make and model fitments and applications. This includes, but is not limited to: Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, ATV, Quad, UTV, MX, Dirt Bike, Enduro, Dual Sport, Golf Carts, Trailers, Automobiles, and even 12VDC Snowmobiles.

Install Notes:
These are NOT direct replacement parts. We recommend connecting all electrical accessories with an inline fuse (not provided). Always test the module with lights before installation to ensure they work properly. Use a FULLY charged Battery or a running motorcycle to perform the test. Test the module by first attaching a light to the LED (+) & (-) wires. Then touch the 5-24V (+) & (-) wires to your battery source and use the Remote to power the system on. You should see the light turn on. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting module installation. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your application and where you decide to mount it. Once you pick a mounting location, mount your LED's and run the wires to the Controller LED (+) & (-) wires. Attach the 5-24V (+) & (-) wires to your battery source. Use the Remote to power on the system and test the light functions before putting everything back together. Reassemble, Ride and Enjo

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