Lighting - Reflectors - LED 3 Wire

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Can be used to supplement or replace your OEM side markers. These are not OEM direct fitment lights. E-Mark Certified stamped lens. Low profile mounting for a cleaner look. These Indicator Lights offer a universal fit; therefore, can be installed on the front or rear with little to no modification required to your plastics, depending upon your selected mounting point.

Amount: 1 Light
Dimensions: Multiple, please see photo(s) for approximate dimensions
Lens: High Impact PVC Plastic
Lights: 24 Light Emitting Diodes
Housing Base: Black PVC Plastic
Bolt: Steel
Wiring: Three Wire, 12 Volt DC Systems, approximately Length is 12.5 inches

NOTE 1: This is an LED Turn Signal and can increase the Flash Rate of your turn signals. Flash Controllers (Resistors or LED Relays) are not required, but are recommended if you want to correct this hyper flashing.

Indicator Showing the Running and Blinking Function of the Signal

This is a Universal Turn Signal Light; therefore, will fit everybike somewhere, but may require modification to the fairing to mount (drilling holes). This includes, but is not limited to: Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, ATV, Quad, UTV, MX, Dirt Bike, Enduro, Dual Sport, Golf Carts, and even 12v DC Snowmobiles.

Install Notes:
Install Notes: Always test the lights before installation to ensure they work properly. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting signal installation. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your application; depending on where you decide to mount them, it may require modification to the fairing. Once you pick a mounting location it's time to locate the existing Turn Signal Wires on your bike, you should have either a 3 or 2 wire system. If you have a 3 Wire System, attach the BLUE wire to the bikes Running Light Positive wire. 2 Wire System, the other two wires on your bike will be the Turn Signal Power (Positive Wire) and a Ground (Negative Wire). Attach the RED wire to the bikes Positive Signal wire and the BLACK wire to the Bikes Negative Ground wire. Test the light and ensure it functions properly prior to putting everything back together. If it's good, repeat the process for the other side. Reassemble, Ride and Enjoy! Do not over-torque moun

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)