Lighting - Relay - LED Flash Controller - 2 Pin - Yamaha - 4MY-83350-01-00

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Our LED Relay is designed to correct the Hyperflashing that you encounter when converting to LED Turn Signals.  It is also perfect for replacing an old or damaged Relay, without paying OEM prices.

Replacing the Relay with an LED Relay is the easiest way to correct hyperflashing because it is a simple Plug-and-Play installation.  Alternatively, you can also add a resistor to each LED Turn Signal, but with our relay, you will not need to wire resistors to each signal, saving you time and money. Our Relay works with both LED's and Conventional Bulbs.

FZ6 FZ 600 04-09
FZ 6R 09-17
FZ07 FZ7 15-17
FZ08 FZ8 11-13
FZ09 FZ9 14-17
FZ1 01-15
FZR 1000 94-95
FJ09 FJ9 15-17
FJR 1300 03-12
MT07 MT7 18-20
MT09 MT9 18-19
Majesty YP 400 05-15
Morphous CP 250 06-08
YZF 600R 95-07
YZF 750 & R 96-98
YZF 1000 Thunderace 97-99
YZF R6 99-16
YZF R7 1999
YZF R6s 06-09
YZF R1 98-14
SCR 950 2017
Seca II XJ 600 97-98
Serow XT 225 01-07
S Max XC 155 16-19
TW 200 Trailway 01-18
T Max XP 500 09-16
Tracer 900 MTT 19-20
V Star XV 250 08-19
VMX V Max 1700 09-20
WR 250 08-18
XT 250 08-18
XSR 700 18-19
XSR 900 16-18
X Max CZD 300 18-20
XTZ 12 Super Tenere 12-13
XV 250 Virago 95-07
XVS 95 Bolt 15-16
XVZ 1300 Royal Star & Venture 96-13

Install Notes:
Always conduct a side-by-side comparison to ensure you purchased the proper part before installation. Our LED Turn Signal Relay is a direct replacement for many OEM Relays. Note that the body housing shape of our relay may be slightly different from your OEM, but this Relay does have the same Plug pattern and 2-Pin connector for a quick and easy installation with no modification of the wires required. If there are shape diffrence, you may need to change the mounting position slightly by using Zip-ties or Velcro as reliable alternatives. Choose this product if simple Plug-and-Play installation is important to you. To install the Relay simply locate your existing relay, unplug your OEM Relay and then plug in our LED Relay. Suitable for the following motorcycles with no splicing required: (This item will also work on other 12v 2 wire systems by hard-wiring the relay)

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
4MY-83350-01-00, 3GM-83350-01-00, 3GM-83350-02-00, 4VR-83350-00-00, 4BE-83350-00-00, 4C8-83350-10-00, 5C4-83350-00-00