Lighting - Relay - LED Flash Controller - 3 Pin - Round

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Our LED Relay is intended to replace your OEM relay when installing aftermarket LED Turn Signals on your vehicle or when replacing a faulty existing Turn Signal Relay. This relay will prevent the hyperflashing caused by replacing stock Incandescent Bulbs with LED Lights. Replacing the Relay with an LED Relay is the easiest way to correct hyperflashing because it is a simple Plug-and-Play installation of only one part, with our relay you will not need to wire resistors to each individual signal, saving you time and money. Our Relay works with both LED's and Conventional Bulbs.

Multiple, please see photos
Housing: Black, High Impact Plastic
Plug: Three pin, 12 Volt Systems


Install Notes:
Install Notes: This LED Turn Signal Relay can be used as a replacement for almost all 3 Pin 12 Volt Relays. This Relay has three pins labeled B for Battery, L for Load Terminal, and P for Panel (Dash terminal). It will fit all Motorcycles and Automobiles that utilize a 12v JSO (Japanese Standard Organization) Flasher Relay with no modification. Depending on your application it may be necessary to hard-wire the relay. A check of your OEM Relay and comparison of the Pin Layout will help you determine if this is the right relay for you. If you have a Japanese Bike or Automobile with the same 3 pin layout then it will be a simple Plug-and-Play install. However if you have a Bike or Automobile manufactured outside of Japan that uses an ISO (International Standard Organization) style Relay then you can use this Relay by Hard-wiring it and simply switching the B and P Terminals. ISO and JSO Relays are the exact same, only the B and P pins are switched and opposite. On Motorcycles Relays are u

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)