Lighting - Resistors - 6.8 Ohm - 2x

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Resistors are used primarily when switching from regular (incandescent) bulbs to LEDs. When making the switch to LED's many of us find out that our turn signals now Hyper-Flash or have a faster blink rate than your standard signal. Our Resistors are designed to correct this Hyper-Flashing and return the flash rate back to normal.

Set = 2x Resistors Dimensions:
Multiple, please see photos for approximate dimensions
Housing: Gold Anodized, Billet Aluminum
Plugs: 2 Yellow and 2 Black Wires, Bullet Style Male and Female Connectors
Wiring: 12 Volt DC Systems

Why the Hyper-Flashing Occurs: Regular Incandescent Bulbs provide a heavier load (they draw more Electrical Power on the system). This load is registered by the Turn Signal Relay. When a regular bulb burns out the Turn Signal Relay causes a fast Hyper-Flashing to notify the rider that a bulb has burned out. LED’s are very efficient and draw less power than regular bulbs. OEM Signal Relays therefore think the bulb has burned out or is defective, subsequently causing the Hyper-Flash notification. Our Resistors are designed to be installed in-line when replacing conventional turn signals with modern LED Turn Signals on your motorcycle and will prevent the hyper-flashing associated with the lower voltage draw of LED signals.

Universal Item. Works on all 12V systems.

Install Notes:
Depending on your application it may be necessary to hard-wire the resistor / flash controller. Each Resistor has four wires coming out of it; two Positive wires (yellow - one for input and one for output) and two Negative wires (black - one for input and one for output). This allows for a plug-and-play type application when using bullet wire connectors. One Resistor / Flash Controller must be installed in line for each LED light connected to the motorcycle signal circuit. This also includes use with Tail Integrator kits. Mount the resistor and button everything back up, your done. Fitment Information: Universal - When hard-wiring these resistors, the bike Make and Model options are too many to list. These Resistors work with Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Aprilia, and other 12 volt electrical systems. Additionally, these resistors can be used on automobile applications. We also have LED Turn Signal Relays available in our store as an

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)