Lighting - Signal Adapters - Suzuki GSXR, GSX-S GSX, SV, DL, GSF - V2 4x Black

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Our V2 Suzuki Turn Signal Adapter Plates are ideal for converting OEM blinkers to aftermarket stalk and stem Blinkers. The Signal Adapters are made to fit in the OEM Turn Signal Mounting location left by the front turn signals; no cutting, drilling or modification to the fairing is required.  The plates allow you to revert back to stock signal at any time.

Multiple, please see photo(s)
Base: High Impact Plastic, Black
Stalk Fitment: Fits up to a 10mm Diameter mounting light bolt.

(Most models Front & Rear, some models Rear only)
GSXR 600 01-05 F & R 06-19 Rear
GSXR 750 00-05 F & R 06-19 Rear
GSXR 1000 01-04 F & R 05-19 Rear
GSX 250 R 17-19
GSX 650 F Katana 08-09
GSX-S 750 15-19
GSX-S 1000 F 16-19
SV 1000 & S 03-07
SV 650 & S 03-19
SFV 650 Gladius 09-15
DL 650 V-Strom 04-19
DL 1000 V-Strom 04-19
DR 200 S 15-16
DR-Z 400 S & SM 02-19
GSF 600 S Bandit 00-03
GSF 1200 S Bandit 01-05
GSF 1250 S & F Bandit 07-16

Install Notes:
Once you have removed the OEM turn Signal, simply place one plate on the inside and the other in the fairing outer portion. Place your new lights wires thru the holes on both plates, followed by the light mounting bolt. Tighten the light into place (without overtorquing the nut), sandwiching the two plates together; clamping down onto the plastic lip of the fairing.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
35601-16G10, 35602-16G10, 35601-27G00, 35602-27G00, 35601-27G10, 35602-27G10, 35601-29FA0, 35602-29FA0, 35601-29G10, 35602-29G10, 35601-29F60, 35602-29F60, 35601-31F10, 35602-31F10, 35601-38G10, 35602-38G10, 35601-18G00, 35602-18G00, 35603-18G30, 35604-18G30, 35601-08J01, 35602-08J01, 35603-08J20, 35604-08J20, 35601-20KA0, 35602-20KA0, 35603-20KA0, 35604-20KA0, 35601-08JB0, 35602-08JB0, 35629-31F40, 35603-08JB0, 35601-29FB0, 35602-29FB0, 35603-29FA0, 35604-29FA0

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