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Our Honda LED Turn Signals are made fit where your OEM turn signals originally mounted. The Lights install without any modification to your fairing required, allowing you to revert back to OEM with minimal effort. These Blinkers also have E-Mark Certification. (E-11 and E-4) The come with bullet connectors for an easy wiring install.


Dimensions: Multiple, please see photo(s)
Housing: Clear High Impact Plastic
LED: 9 Amber SMD LED Diodes
Base: Black High Impact Plastic (Threaded Bolt and Nut Washer)
Wiring: Two Wire, 12 Volt Systems

(Most models Front & Rear, some models Rear only)
Grom MSX 125 14-19
CBR 250 R 11-13
CBR 300 R 14-19
CBR 500 R 13-19
CBR 600 F4 99-00
CBR 600 F4i 01-06
CBR 600RR 03-19
CBR 650 F 14-19
CBR 1000RR 04-07 F&R 08-19 Rear
CB 300 F 14-19
CB 500 F 13-19
CB 600 F 03-19
CB 650 F 14-19
NC 700X 12-17

Install Notes:
Always test the lights before installation to ensure they work properly. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting signal installation. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your application; depending on where you decide to mount them, it may require modification to the fairing. Once you pick a mounting location, you'll need to locate the existing Turn Signal Wires on your Motorcycle and identify whether you have 2 or 3 Wire System. For a motorcycle with a 3 Wire System: your Bikes Running Light Wires are not used for this installation as our lights are not designed or marketed for that application. For a 2 Wire System: the two wires coming from your bike should be the Turn Signal Power (Positive Wire), and a Ground (Negative Wire). Attach our YELLOW Turn Signal Wire to the Bikes Positive Signal Wire. Attach our BLACK Turn Signal Wire to the Bikes Negative Signal Wire. Test the light and ensure it functions properly

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
33400-MBW-A10, 33450-MBW-A10, 33403-MFJ-A00, 33453-MFJ-A00, 33400-MFJ-A42, 33450-MFJ-A42, 33450-MFJ-A43, 33400-MFJ-305, 33450-MFJ-305, 33400-MBZ-A10, 33450-MBZ-A10, 33400-MBW-670, 33450-MBW-670, 33400-MBW-671, 33450-MBW-671, 33400-MBW-A10, 33450-MBW-A10, 33403-MEL-670, 33453-MEL-670, 33400-MEL-A20, 33450-MEL-A20, 33400-MGS-315, 33450-MGS-315, 33450-K26-315, 33400-K26-315, 33450-MJE-315, 33400-MJE-315, 33400-MJE-315, 33450-MJE-315, 33400-MGZ-325, 33450-MGZ-325, 33450-KYJ-305, 33400-KYJ-305

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