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Introducing our Flush Mount LED Turn Signals, the perfect upgrade for your Suzuki motorcycle. These sleek and stylish signals are designed to seamlessly blend with the fairing shape of the GSXR, GSX, GSF, and SV lines, enhancing the overall look of your ride. Compatible with a wide range of Suzuki models, these LEDs offer a hassle-free installation that preserves the integrity of your bike's fairing and plastics.

Key Features:

* Designed for a perfect fit on select Suzuki GSXR, GSX, GSF, and SV motorcycles
* Clear high-impact plastic housing ensures durability and protection
* 12 amber LED diodes for bright, eye-catching turn signals
* Easy installation with no cutting required, preserving your bike's aesthetics
* Compatibility with most Front Turn Signals for Suzuki models

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: Multiple (refer to photos)
Housing Material: Clear High Impact Plastic
LED Count: 12 Amber Diodes
Base Material: Black High Impact Plastic (Threaded Bolt and Nut Washer)
Wiring: Two Wire, 12 Volt Systems

Fitment Information:

Compatible with a wide range of Suzuki motorcycles, including the GSXR 600, GSXR 750, GSXR 1000, GSX 250 R, GSX 650 F Katana, GSX-S 750, GSX-S 1000 F, SV 1000 & S, SV 650 & S, SFV 650 Gladius, DL 650 V-Strom, DL 1000 V-Strom, DR 200 S, DR-Z 400 S & SM, GSF 600 S Bandit, GSF 1200 S Bandit, and GSF 1250 S & F Bandit. Please refer to the provided list for specific fitment details.

Upgrade your Suzuki motorcycle with our Flush Mount LED Turn Signals, offering a sleek design, easy installation, and enhanced visibility. Make a statement on the road while ensuring safety and style – order yours today!

(Most models Front & Rear, some models Rear only.)
GSXR 600 01-05 F & R 06-19 Rear
GSXR 750 00-05 F & R 06-19 Rear
GSXR 1000 01-04 F & R 05-19 Rear
GSX 250 R 17-19
GSX 650 F Katana 08-09
GSX-S 750 15-19
GSX-S 1000 F 16-19
SV 1000 & S 03-07
SV 650 & S 03-19
SFV 650 Gladius 09-15
DL 650 V-Strom 04-19
DL 1000 V-Strom 04-19
DR 200 S 15-16
DR-Z 400 S & SM 02-19
GSF 600 S Bandit 00-03
GSF 1200 S Bandit 01-05
GSF 1250 S & F Bandit 07-16

Install Notes:
This is an LED Turn Signal, LED's can increase the Flash Rate of your Blinkers. Flash Controllers (Resistors or LED Relays) are not required, but recommended to correct hyper flashing. If not part of this advertisement, then Resistors and Relays are available for purchase separately. This item includes bullet connectors and may require splicing of the electrical wires, we suggest bullet connectors or our optional adapter plugs. Please review the provided product dimensions, consider them when choosing your install location, to ensure this is the best item for your application!

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
35601-16G10, 35602-16G10, 35601-27G00, 35602-27G00, 35601-27G10, 35602-27G10, 35601-29FA0, 35602-29FA0, 35601-29G10, 35602-29G10, 35601-29F60, 35602-29F60, 35601-31F10, 35602-31F10, 35601-38G10, 35602-38G10, 35601-18G00, 35602-18G00, 35603-18G30, 35604-18G30, 35601-08J01, 35602-08J01, 35603-08J20, 35604-08J20, 35601-20KA0, 35602-20KA0, 35603-20KA0, 35604-20KA0, 35601-08JB0, 35602-08JB0, 35629-31F40, 35603-08JB0, 35601-29FB0, 35602-29FB0, 35603-29FA0, 35604-29FA0

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