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Introducing our sleek and efficient Flushmount LED Turn Signals, designed to provide a seamless upgrade for your motorcycle's lighting system. These LED indicators are engineered to fit perfectly within the OEM front turn signal opening of your fairing, ensuring a hassle-free installation without any cutting, drilling, or modification to the bodywork. Should you decide to revert to the stock setup, our turn signals make it a breeze.

E-Mark Certified and stamped with E-11, these LED turn signals are a testament to their superior quality and compliance with international safety standards. They can also be used universally, requiring just a hole for the mounting stud.

Featuring 15 high-intensity LED diodes, these turn signals deliver outstanding visibility and performance, ensuring your safety on the road. Designed for two-wire, 12-volt systems, they function as turn signals without a running light feature.

Please refer to the provided images for approximate dimensions.

Upgrade your motorcycle's lighting with our Flushmount LED Turn Signals, designed for easy installation and unparalleled performance. Order yours today and experience the difference!

(Most models Front & Rear, some models Rear only)
GSX-R 125 17-22 F & R
GSX-R 250 17-22 F & R
GSX-R 600 01-05 F & R
GSX-R 750 00-05 F & R
GSX-R 1000 01-04 F & R
GSX-S 125 17-22 F & R
GSX-S 750 15-22 F & R
GSX-S 950 21-22 F & R
GSX-S 1000 F & GT 15-22 F & R
GSX 1250 F 10-16 F & R
GSR 750 & Z 11-18 (Front may be recessed, can shim to raise) & R
GSX 650 F Katana 07-15 F & R
GSF 600 S Bandit 00-05 F & R
GSF 650 Bandit 05-12 F & R
GSF 1200 S Bandit 01-06 F & R
GSF 1250 S & F Bandit 07-16 F & R
Katana 1000 19-22 F & R
SV 650 & S & X 03-22 F & R
SV 1000 & S 03-07 F & R
SFV 650 Gladius 09-17 F & R
DL 250 V-Strom 17-22 F & R
DL 650 V-Strom 04-22 F & R
DL 1000 V-Strom 04-19 (Front may be recessed, can shim to raise) & R
DL 1050 V-Strom 20-22 (Front may be recessed, can shim to raise) & R
DR 200 S 15-22 F & R
DR-Z 400 S & SM 00-22 F & R

Install Notes:
This is an LED Turn Signal, LED's can increase the Flash Rate of your Blinkers. Flash Controllers (Resistors or LED Relays) are not required, but recommended to correct hyper flashing.  If not part of this advertisement, then Resistors and Relays are available for purchase separately.  This item includes bullet connectors and may require splicing of the electrical wires, we suggest bullet connectors or our optional adapter plugs.  Please review the provided product dimensions, consider them when choosing your install location, to ensure this is the best item for your application!

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
35601-16G10, 35602-16G10, 35601-27G00, 35602-27G00, 35601-27G10, 35602-27G10, 35601-29FA0, 35602-29FA0, 35601-29G10, 35602-29G10, 35601-29F60, 35602-29F60, 35601-31F10, 35602-31F10, 35601-38G10, 35602-38G10, 35601-18G00, 35602-18G00, 35603-18G30, 35604-18G30, 35601-08J01, 35602-08J01, 35603-08J20, 35604-08J20, 35601-20KA0, 35602-20KA0, 35603-20KA0, 35604-20KA0, 35601-08JB0, 35602-08JB0, 35629-31F40, 35603-08JB0, 35601-29FB0, 35602-29FB0, 35603-29FA0, 35604-29FA0

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