Mirror Riser - 10mm

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When you look into your Rear View Mirrors, do you usually see your elbows and shoulders?  Our Mirror Risers are designed to improve your visibility, by raising your mirrors up and out, providing you with a clear rear view.   Manufactured from CNC Machined Billet Aluminium, Anodized for a durable and lasting finish.

CNC Billet Aluminum
Finish: Anodized


Install Notes:
This Mirror Riser is Standard Right-Hand Threaded and so is the Bolt (counter-clockwise, reverse). Simply unscrew your current mirror and mount the mirror on the risers threaded hole. Then use the included bolt/washer to mount the Mirror and Riser to the bike. Make your final adjustments; tighten the Riser and Mirror without over-torqueing. Note: Most motorcycles have both mirrors that are Standard, Right-Hand Threaded (RH, clockwise). There are some motorcycles that have one mirror that is Reversed, Left-Hand Threaded (LH, Counter-clockwise) and one mirror that is Standard, Right-Hand Threaded (RH, clockwise). Please verify your thread pattern and bolt size before purchasing or installing this product. (We find that Yamaha Motorcycles usually use one LH Riser)

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)