Pegs - Front - Yamaha 8mm - GP

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Our "GP" Pegs are CNC Machined for a great fit, using quality materials to support your weight safely.  Anodized for a durable finish. GP Pegs are able to be adjusted and then locked in place using the hidden Set Screw. This way you can position the footing for maximum grip and comfort.
Our Pegs are designed to fit your Motorcycle without any major modification required.

Material: 6065 Billet Aluminum
Finish: Anodized

YZF R3 15-19
YZF R6 99-19
YZF R6S 06-09
YZF R1 & R1M & R1S 98-19
FJR 1300 03-18
FZ6 FZ 600 04-09
FZ6R FZ 600R 10-17
FZ1 FZ10 1000 01-17
FZ7 FZ07 15-17
FZ8 FZ08 11-13
FZ9 FZ09 14-17
FZR 600 & 600R 89-99
MT07 MT7 18-19
MT09 MT9 18-19
MT10 MT1 18-19
MXT 9 Niken 2019
SCR 950 2017
VMX17 V-Max 1700 09-19
XVS 95 Bolt 15-19
XV17 1700 Road Star Warrior 03-09
XV19 1900 Raider 08-17
XVS65 XVS 650 V-Star 04-16
XVS11 XVS 1100 V-Star 04-09
XVS13 XVS 1300 Stryker 11-17
XSR 700 18-19
XSR 900 16-19
XTZ12 1200 Super Tenere 12-19

Install Notes:
This item is usually very easy to install. Most motorcycles have a pin/bolt that holds on the Foot Pegs. Simply remove this bolt and install our pegs using the same mounting hardware. We suggest Tightening the pegs with Threadlocker, to ensure that they do not unscrew while riding.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)
1KB-27451-00-00, BN6-27420-00-00, 2C0-27451-00-00, 2C0-27420-10-00, 5JJ-27451-00-00, 5JJ-27461-00-00, 5VY-27410-00-00, 5VY-27420-00-00, 5VY-27442-02-00, 5VY-27420-00-00, 5JJ-27410-01-00, 5JJ-27420-01-00, 5JJ-27420-00-00, 5MT-27410-01-00, 5MT-27410-00-00, 5MT-27420-00-00, 5MT-27420-01-00, 4BH-27451-01-00, 4BH-27461-01-00, 5LV-27410-00-00, 5LV-27420-00-00, 2D1-27410-00-00, 2D1-27420-00-00, 3XV-27451-02-00, 3XV-27461-02-00, 39P-27410-00-00, 39P-27420-00-00, 1WS-27451-00-00, 1WS-27461-00-00, 1WD-F7451-00-00, 1WD-F7461-00-00, 3HE-27410-00-00, 3HE-27420-00-00, 2S3-27451-00-00, 2S3-27461-00-00, 5C7-27451-01-00, 5C7-27461-01-00, 23P-27451-00-00, 23P-27461-00-00, 27D-27410-00-00, 1NH-27461-00-00

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