Rear Brake Light Actuator Switch Universal Activator Suzuki Honda Kawa Yamaha

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Does your Brake Light not activate when you press your rear pedal or only works intermittently? Your Rear Brake Actuator Switch may be the problem! Our Rear Brake Switch is made of ABS plastic and features a bend to fit steel spring for a wide range of rear sets.

1x Rear Brake Light Actuator Switch
Dimensions: Multiple, please see photos for approximate measurements
Material: ABS Plastic Housing, Steel Spring & Switch
Wiring: 2 Wire with Bullet Connectors


Install Notes:
Install Notes: Before beginning work, disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the bolts securing your right rear set. Do a side by side comparison of the new switch to the old switch and be sure it will work for your application. Take note of the position of the old switch and place a mark or tape where the tip is while not extended. Remove the spring from your brake pedal and then remove the switch from the mount. To install the new switch, first place the threaded anchor into the mount on the rear set. Next, thread the switch into the anchor until it is seated at the proper distance. (The tip of the new switch should nearly match up with the mark you placed before. Some variation is normal and any slack can be taken up by sizing the spring) Next, using your old spring as a guide, gently bend the ends of the new spring and attach one end to the switch, and the other to the brake pedal. Now connect the wires to your bike wiring. It may be necessary to splice in connectors depe

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)