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This Multi Function Flexible LED Taillight is designed with safety and versatility in mind. Its thin and flexible design allows you to mount it virtually anywhere while conforming to the aesthetic of your bike. This adaptable LED strip acts as a full time Running Light and Brake Signal which ties in easily with your bike's existing wiring. E-Mark Stamped and Certified, this UV and water resistant Taillight increases your visibility to other drivers, making your ride safer in any weather.

Multiple; Please see pictures for approximate dimensions
LED Color: 24 Red LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
Housing: High-Impact Sealed Synthetic Polymer
Wiring: 12VDC, 3 Wire; Red (Brake), Yellow (Running), Black (Negative)
Mounting: 3M Adhesive Backing

This is a Universal Taillight; therefore, it has unlimited uses and mounting possibilities. This includes, but is not limited to: Sportbikes, Cruisers, Scooters, ATV, Quad, UTV, MX, Dirt Bike, Enduro, Dual Sport, Golf Carts, and even 12v DC Snowmobiles.

Install Notes:
Install Notes: All LED strips are tested prior to being shipped. Always test the lights before installation to ensure they work properly. Use a FULLY charged battery or a running motorcycle to perform the test. Start by touching the strip's YELLOW Wire to the Positive 12V source and then attaching the BLACK Wire to the Negative Ground source. You should see the Running light turn on. Now touch the RED wire to the Positive 12V source and you should see the Brake like activate. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting installation. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your skill level and any necessary modifications to the fairing or wiring required for proper installation. If your Motorcycle uses a CAN-BUS Wiring System you may have to solder a diode in-line with the RED power wire to prevent Brake lights from being constantly activated. Read Before Applying Strips: For the highest chance of success, the Ambient Temperature, Application Area an

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