Tool - Hydraulic Brake Bleeder - EZ Bleed One Way Valve

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Having a tough time bleeding your brakes without a friends assistance?  Our Solo Brake Bleeder makes this an easy job!  It utilizes a one-way valve, so you can bleed the air out of your system, without more air getting sucked back in!
Works great on hydraulic braking systems and Clutches.  Perfect for Motorcycles, Cars, ATV's, UTV's etc.

Check Valve: CNC Billet Aluminum

Works on all vehicles that use standard Brake Bleed Nipples.

Install Notes:
Prior to beginning the brake bleeding process, clean and prepare the brake system to prevent fluid contamination. Remove the brake master cylinder cap. It is also necessary to prime the tool, simply add enough fluid to fill the tube that attaches to the bleed screw. Then attach it to the bleed screw of the caliper that is furthest from the Reservoir. Insert the other hose into a container to catch any old fluid. Unscrew the bleed screw about 1 turn, to allow fluid to flow freely. Press on the brake pedal, air and fluid will begin to come out of the one-way valve. Continue doing this until no more air bubbles are released, then tighten the bleed screw and move to the to the next brake caliper. Ensure that the Brake Fluid Reservoir isn’t drained completely, to avoid sucking in new air through the reservoir, requiring you to restart the process.

Replaces these OEM Part Numbers:
(Will also fit other part #'s)